About me

Project manager with strong interests in Communication, Product and Team Management, e-Business and Marketing. Achiever and positive spirit, passionate about music and multimedia, I like to contribute to consistent and creative projects.

My motivation and cheerfulness are my two major strengths. Curiosity, self-teaching and versatility are anchored in my work habits.


Specializing in

Product Management

I have strong interests in product conception and management. I like to create new products, functionnalities. Being creative is very important to me, but I believe that creativity must be mixed with regularity and logic to reach its full potential.

Project Management

I worked as a web project manager for almost 3 years. Customer relationship is anchored in my work habits and I believe that it helps me to conceptualize better features, by putting the customer's interests and expectations as a top priority.

WordPress Development

I also create WordPress websites, with customized themes that matches my customer's marketing mixed with fresh and personal design.

Agile Methodology

I know how to work in an agile approach, and using the proper tools with it is no problem for me. I believe it is the perfect and fastest way to make things done and satisfy the customer.

Latest job

AlumnForce logo


Fabien Blanc, Projects Director

I really liked to work with Louis during his apprenticeship. He is very involved in his work and has a great professional sense. He will be able to take up his future professional challenges.

Latest work

Musique Mix

Website WordPress Webdesign AdobeXD

I created a WordPress theme for the Musique Mix student association's blog. It is mainly used to share concerts reviews and promote the association's bands and artists.


Petits Formats

Website Webdesign AdobeXD

A simple website basically used to promote Petits Formats products and create a web existence. Petits Formats is a small library which sells mostly video games, comic books and mangas based in Sens (France).



Website WordPress Webdesign AdobeXD

A WordPress theme to promote rock 'n' roll band Hellectrokuters' activity such as new albums or next gigs. It will be live soon!


Twitch Banner

Interface design Photoshop Illustrator

As a huge fan of mangas and video games I tried to combined the two for my twitch channel. I also created the layout when I play live.


Funny Drinks

Mobile App Cordova JQuery

I started to work on a mobile app named "Funny Drinks" using Cordova. Its purpose is to make people laugh while hanging out with friends but mostly warn people about alcohol dangerousness. Available soon!


Emeline Blanquet

Website WordPress Webdesign AdobeXD

A simple website to promote Emeline Blanquet's photograph work, based on WordPress.